72 Growth Tool List – Digital Marketer Toolkit

  1. Send many emails: GMASS
  2. Emails with Sequences: MixMax
  3. Quickly Analyze a Site’s Traffic and Referring Traffic (Quick view): Alex Ranking
  4. Quickly Analyze a Site’s Traffic and Referring Traffic (Overall view): Similar Web
  5. A great screenshot, GIF tool: Lightshot – GIPHY
  6. Keeping Password’s Secure: Password Box
  7. Identifies whether you’re being retargeted and if your retargeting works: Facebook Pixel Helper – Tag Assistant
  8. Auto-posting to Instagram: Grum.co
  9. Wireframes: UX Pin – Balsamiq
  10. Email Setup : ConvertKit –  MailChimp – Autopilot
  11. Chatbot Automation: Chatfuel
  12. Advanced Google Search Example: linkedin.com @gmail.com marketing manager boston – PDF searching – Email List searching
  13. YouTube Analytics: vidIQ
  14. Email Extraction: ToofrEmail HunterClearbit
  15. Extract Audio from Live Video: Audio Extractor
  16. Download Facebook Video: Download Facebook Video
  17. Scrape Emails: ScrapeboxWebscraper.ioImport.io
  18. Reduce image quality without reducing size: TinyPNG
  19. Recording to Text: Rev
  20. Slack Paid Wall Subscription: Slack Paid Wall
  21. Customer Onboarding/Support: DriftIntercom
  22. Fear of missing out: UseFomo
  23. Test whether your email will go to spam: G-Lock AppsMail Tester
  24. Pluck (finding Emails from Tweets): Pluck
  25. Use Paperless Post for better onboarding: Paperless Post
  26. Alexa by Category: Alexa Top Sites
  27. Re-sending emails: Rebump 
  28. Online Calculators: Viral Coefficient CalculatorA/B Test Calculator
  29. Retargeting Links: Clickmeter
  30. Extracting emails from Twitter and Instagram users: Geekmail
  31. Extract emails from websites: Email Grabber
  32. Free Logo: Tailorbrands.com
  33. Community: Facebook@WorkSlack, Facebook Groups
  34. Social discovery for Instagram and Twitter (includes automation and exporting target users): Audiense
  35. Quickly Analyze a Site’s Traffic and Referring Traffic (Overall view): Similar Web
  36. Instagram Automation: Instagress
  37. Automation for Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Facebook: Mass Planner
  38. Facebook Group Analytics: Grytics
  39. Scaling Facebook Ad Campaigns: AdEspresso
  40. Slack Analytics: Statsbot
  41. CRM for sequences and funnel tracking: PropellerCRM
  42. Referral Marketing Software: Queue
  43. Twitter and Instagram Automation: CrowdfireFollowLiker
  44. Choose Color Scheme: Coolors.cocolor.adobe.com
  45. Pick a font for your brand: Dafont
  46. Connecting tools: Zapier
  47. A/B Testing: Optimizely
  48. Facebook digital courses and Facebook membership communities: 22Social
  49. Automated syncing with custom audiences: driftrock
  50. Cleaner copywriting: GrammarlyHemingway App
  51. Landing Page Setup: Instapage 
  52. Gather and automate the reporting of data: Blockspring
  53. Automated reporting: Google Analytics Spreadsheet Add-on
  54. Live Stream: OBS SoftwareBlueJeans
  55. Survey: QualarooSurveyMonkey, Google Forms
  56. Capturing Leads: Thrive Leads
  57. Better presentations: Ampslide
  58. Payment syncing: Braintree
  59. Outsourcing: Upwork
  60. Cleans scraped data: Friendly CSV
  61. SEO optimization: MOZAhrefs
  62. Data collection and reporting: Segment
  63. Transactional emails: Sendgrid
  64. Free ribbon to collect emails: Sumome
  65. Heat maps: Hotjar
  66. Organizing Google Spreadsheets (add-ons): Hunter.io, Remove DuplicatesClearbit SheetsSort by ColorSplit NamesPower Tools
  67. Find out what tools different sites are built with: BuiltWith
  68. Gmail inbox testing: Litmus
  69. Finding emails for free: Lucify
  70. Export Facebook Comments: Crazy Comment Export Tool
  71. Auto sending message to people who comment on a fan  page post: Trustmsg
  72. SaaS Analytics: Chartmogul

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