B2B Lead Generation Software: 79 Tools For 2020


Getting leads for your business is hard.

It doesn’t even matter if you have the best product. The success of your company depends on your ability to attract leads that actually need it.

But how can you find the right leads?

Truth is, there isn’t a straight answer.

What may work in one industry won’t necessarily work in another, so you have to figure out the best approach for your company mostly on your own.

However, there’s good news as well.

Today, there’s a wide selection of lead generation software solutions that are designed to help businesses attract the very best leads, automating a large part of the process.

In this article, we’ll go through an extensive list of 79 tools that you can use to attract more customers and grow your business.

You’ll find a wide range of solutions that you can use to supercharge your lead generation efforts in different ways. From capturing more leads on your site, to advanced ABM approaches, this list has the best of the best tools for growing your business.

We did our research and came up with a long list of lead generation tools that have been proven to be extremely effective and can start delivering targeted and relevant leads quickly.

As you’ll find below, this article is split into Paid and Free sections so that you can figure out the best approach with your current budget.

Ready to get started? Then read on below.

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1. Albacross


Did you know that an average website lets 98% of its visitors slip through the cracks? When you consider how hard and expensive it is to attract targeted leads to your site, that is a tremendous waste.

That’s where Albacross can be so helpful.

It allows you to identify who’s visiting your website, and it also tells you how to reach and those visitors, giving you the opportunity to turn them into leads.

You can use the filtering tool to narrow down the list of leads based on company size, industry, and numerous other factors so that you only get leads that are the most relevant.

Albacross will provide you with the contact information of the leads so that your sales team can easily reach out to them. Because your team can access information about each lead’s behavior on your website, they’ll be able to personalize their pitch and sell more effectively.

The software also seamlessly integrates with all of the major CRM platforms so that you can streamline your outreach efforts, and we also provide you with daily, weekly, and monthly reports so that you can get a bird’s eye view of which companies are visiting your website.

How to use: Use Albacross to identify and reach leads from inbound traffic, completely on autopilot.

2. Intercom

Chatbots have taken the online marketing world by storm, and today, 75% of respondents expect to receive an instant response from chatbots when they’re exploring a website.

Luckily, with the help of tools like Intercom, you can rest assured that your site’s visitors will receive quality support 24/7.

The solution offers both chatbot and live chat functionality and makes it incredibly easy to provide your site’s visitors with positive experiences in every interaction, allowing you to scale your support, provide relevant information at a moment’s notice, and generate targeted leads automatically.

How to use: Install the Intercom messenger to your website to add automated messaging functionality for the site visitors. Then, you can use Intercom’s Qualification Bot or configure a custom chat bot that will qualify the conversations and ask for their contact details, such as emails, to capture the leads.

3. Sumo


Sumo is a plug-and-play lead capture solution that allows you to quickly build email lists.

Its effectiveness comes down to simplicity – the drag & drop system enables you to create beautiful-looking opt-in forms in just minutes, even if you have no idea how to code.

The app was developed by the team behind the hugely-popular AppSumo Newsletter, which over a million subscribers, so it makes sense that the app they created is so easy to use and works so well for getting people to convert.

Sumo offers a free version that’s good for getting started, but if you want more advanced features like unlimited emails and revenue, no Sumo branding, as well as advanced Analytics, you should opt for the paid version instead.

How to use: Use Sumo to create beautiful opt-in forms that allow you to capture your site’s visitors and turn them into targeted leads.

4. Drift

If you’re looking for the most comprehensive conversational marketing app on the market, Drift may be exactly what you need.

With the help of Drift, you can engage your site’s visitors at the moment they want to be engaged instead of forcing them to wait for days for an answer, which, in today’s online landscape, could mean that by the time you get back to them, those leads might already be signed up with your competitor.

However, when using Drift, you can engage and qualify your leads with the help of chatbot-led conversations on your site, automatically book meetings for your sales time, and acquire the most relevant information about your leads so that you give your team the best chance of closing them.

How to use: Register with Drift, insert your personalized snippet to your pages, just before the end of the </head> section, and start engaging and qualifying leads automatically with every visit to your site using lead-qualifying bots that collect data and contact information.

5. Poptin


Everybody thinks they hate pop-ups.

That is until they see an irresistible offer pop up just as they’re about to leave, which gets them over the hump and entices them to buy.

Or, when they discover just how incredibly effective (and not at all annoying) pop-ups can be when they’re used the right way and at the right time.

That’s where Poptin can be so helpful – it allows to design beautiful-looking pop-ups that blend in perfectly with your site’s design and feel, while also capturing attention and driving people to take action.

You can use exit-intent triggers, time-based triggers, scroll-triggers, or even click-based triggers to set off pop-ups that will help you get more leads, grow your subscriber list, and make more sales.

Poptin allows you to get started for free and offers affordable packages once you get going.

How to use: With Poptin, you can set up pop-ups to appear on your site which can help you capture more leads on your website.

6. TypeForm

If you’re looking for a more advanced survey planning solution that comes with a ton of powerful features, TypeForm is a great option.

It allows creating stunning surveys and questionnaires using an intuitive and easy-to-use system, and the very useful Logic Jumps feature that allows you to customize the survey options based on the answers provided by the person.

You can even collect payments through the surveys themselves, converting leads as soon as they finish answering your questions by providing the most relevant offer right there and then.

How to use: Create a survey to collect data and the email addresses of your potential leads. Paid ads could work very well for driving traffic to the survey.

7. Mailshake


Cold email prospecting is hard.

There’s a lot of manual work involved, especially when you’re trying to reach a lot of people and coordinating the next steps with your sales and marketing teams.

But with the help of Mailshake, the process becomes much easier.

The tool allows you to personalize outreach emails automatically, track performance, and set up tasks within the dashboard for team members that need to perform the next steps.

Integrations through Zapier mean that you can set up Mailshake to operate within your current workflow and save a ton of time on lead generation every week.

How to use: Create an account with Mailshake and start importing the email addresses of prospective leads that you generate using other approaches. Then, configure your campaign and start qualifying and converting prospects into leads.

8. Hunter

Hunter is one of the most widely-used solutions for quickly finding someone’s email, and there are good reasons why – it’s free, it’s very easy to use, and it’s fairly accurate.

You can use the tool to find email addresses based on a website domain, search for a specific email address with a name combined with a domain, or verify emails that you already have against Hunter’s database.

Hunter even offers cold email templates and can help you set up entire campaigns in a matter of minutes.

You can perform 50 free requests per month or choose from a selection of affordable plans if you need more than that.

How to use: Use Hunter to find email addresses of leads that you want to reach, or use the domain search to find the primary emails for any website.

9. Hotjar


In order to improve your conversions, you need to understand what your site’s visitors respond to best.

With Hotjar, you can gain in-depth insights about user behavior – the tool shows you exactly what your users are doing on your site and provides context for why they’re performing those actions with the help of heatmaps, mouse movement recordings, and more.

Hotjar even makes it easy to collect feedback about specific pages so you can figure out what you’re doing wrong and correct it.

How to use: Use HotJar to analyze your visitor behavior and gain insights about how you could improve the experience of your best leads.

10. ManyChat

Whether we like it or not, Facebook is one of the best places to engage leads and convert them into customers.

Luckily, with tools like ManyChat, you don’t have to spend hours on social media, manually chatting with your prospects and answering their questions.

ManyChat automates the entire process by allowing you to quickly and easily build a Messenger ChatBot that can collect information, answer questions, and even qualify leads for you to connect with later.

How to use: Use ManyChat to engage, qualify, and capture leads on social media automatically.

11. OptinMonster


OptinMonster is one of the most powerful lead capture and conversion optimization tools out there, which is proven by glowing endorsements from marketing legends like Neil Patel.

It offers powerful features such as:

  • Exit-intent pop-ups
  • Scroll boxes
  • Full-screen welcome mats
  • Onsite retargeting

All of which allow you to get the most out of every visitor to your site and increase your conversions in the process.

Companies have reported doubling their opt-in rates after implementing OptinMonster, so it’s a tool that you definitely shouldn’t ignore if you care about maximizing profits.

How to use: Connect Optin Monster to your website to add high-converting opt-in forms to your pages which will collect leads for you automatically.

12. HelpCrunch

HelpCrunch is another chat tool option that provides Customizable Live Chat, Email Marketing Automation, And Knowledge Base Software functionality, all in one place.

It offers all the tools that you need for streamlined and effective communication with your customers, enabling you to provide better support, qualify and engage more leads, and make more sales in the process.

Although HelpCrunch doesn’t offer a free version anymore, it’s still relatively affordable, especially when you consider how much it can offer for your inbound sales and marketing automation efforts.

How to use: For WordPress, Shopify, and Magento, HelpCrunch offers native plugins, and for others, you can simply paste a custom code on the pages where you want to interact with your visitors and customers. Then, the chatbot will automatically interact with your site’s visitors and capture qualified leads.

13. BuzzSumo


Influencer marketing has become an integral part of any comprehensive online marketing strategy, especially if you’re looking to expand your reach and find new audiences to market to.

And with the help of BuzzSumo, finding the right influencers to promote your products and company is now easier than ever.

You can search for influencers based on a range of criteria and can even build outreach lists right there on BuzzSumo for engaging the key influencers in your niche.

How to use: Use Buzzsumo to search for the people who might be potential customers and easily find the touching points to connect with them.

14. PitchBox

PitchBox is a tool that’s designed for one purpose – to make influencer outreach as easy as intuitive as possible.

And the truth is, it does the job very well, allowing you to find bloggers, publishers, and influencers just about as quickly as you would perform a search on Google.

Once you find the influencers you want to reach, PitchBox will help you maximize your chances of getting a response with its customizable and personalized outreach and follow-up features that can help you automate a large part of the process.

How to use: Use the Pitchbox search to look for potential leads, get their emails, and launch email outreach campaigns to qualify your findings, all with a single tool.

15. NinjaOutreach


Ninja Outreach is another powerful tool that can be used for influencer outreach, or even for directly finding the business leads that you want to pursue.

Whether you’re looking to find influencers in your niche to partner up with, or want to get in front of a new audience with a highly-targeted guest posting campaign, Ninja Outreach can help you quickly identify and reach the right people in your industry.

The NinjaOutreach database contains millions of influencers on different social media platforms, as well as bloggers, and relevant businesses who can be a great fit for a partnership.

How to use: Search for potential leads with customized parameters, find their contact details, and send emails using NinjaOutreach’s Influencer CRM platform.

16. VoilaNorbert

Another great tool for finding and verifying email addresses is VoilaNorbert.

This simple solution may not have a ton of features, but it does what it promises, and does it well, which is more than you could say about a lot of solutions out there.

Whether you want to quickly find someone’s email address, verify that an email is correct, or even enrich your leads with powerful data points that can help close sales, you can’t go wrong with VoilaNorbert and its affordable pricing plans.

How to use: Use VoilaNorbert to find and verify the emails of the websites or companies you’d like to pitch your services or products.

17. Snov.io


If you’re looking for a powerful all-in-one solution for finding and engaging the best leads for your business, you can’t go wrong with Snov.io – it’s one of the most versatile cold outreach tools on the market, providing you with everything you need to launch successful campaigns from scratch.

Find email addresses of decision makers based on a domain name, verify emails in large quantities, create and send complex drip campaigns, and track the performance of your emails, all in one platform.

As the 250,000 users will confirm, the tool is an excellent option for B2B companies of all sizes, so it might be exactly what you’re looking for as well.

How to use: Use Snovio to connect with leads that you identify with your other lead generation approaches – it allows you to find emails, names, titles, and more, simply by adding the name of the website to the search.

18. AeroLeads

Finding email addresses is crucial for generating high-quality B2B leads, but sometimes sending a cold email isn’t enough, and you need to reach the person over the phone as well.

That’s where AeroLeads can be so useful.

You can use the tool to find phone numbers, email addresses, and social media profiles of the key figures that you’re trying to reach, which can provide you with multiple opportunities to engage the people that you want to work with.

How to use: Sign up and install the Chrome plugin, then use LinkedIn or other platforms to search for potential leads. Add the leads using the AeroLeads widget, and it will find the business emails, phone numbers, company names, addresses, and more.

19. Prospect.io


Since email prospecting is such a vital part of business growth, you must find the right solution for making the process as efficient and smooth as possible.

And Prospect.io has managed to distill the most essential parts of the cold email prospecting process and combine them into a single solution that helps to streamline every part of the process.

From finding and verifying email addresses, sending cold emails and drip campaigns through the email client of your choice, to tracking every part of your campaign performance, Prospect.io has you covered, which is why it is such a popular app among B2B companies.

How to use: Prospect.io is an all-in-one cold outreach solution, so you can use it to both find and verify the email addresses of prospects and put together cold email or drip campaigns to nurture and qualify them.

20. ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign is an email marketing and marketing automation tool that has accumulated a huge following since launching back in 2003.

The reason for its success is the intuitive design which makes it easy to create sophisticated automated marketing processes, saving time for your team while simultaneously increasing the revenue that you are able to generate.

Whether you want to create beautiful email campaigns that you can customize and automate to the very last detail, or use the integrated sales CRM to streamline various sales processes, once you start implementing the features offered by ActiveCampaign, your lead generation and lead nurturing efforts will become easier than ever before.

How to use: With ActiveCampaign, you can quickly set up beautiful lead capture forms and automated drip sequences to nurture and qualify leads within the platform.

21. Pardot


Pardot by Salesforce is the cream of the crop when it comes to marketing automation, helping to bridge the gap between marketing and sales by perfectly complementing what Salesforce Engage has to offer.

What exactly can Pardot do? Well, what you should really be asking is what it can’t do.

You can use it to automate various processes in your account, launch campaigns, manage content, send emails, create forms and landing pages, and even run Paid Ads, all from a single dashboard.

The Campaigns feature is specifically designed to ensure that each touchpoint with a prospect moves him towards a decision to choose your company.

Even though Pardot comes at a steep price, if you use it to its full potential, the investment is more than worth it, as it can completely change how you generate and engage your leads.

How to use: Set up a lead capture form on the website using Pardot intuitive dashboard and then send automated email sequences to nurture those leads, all within the same platform.

22. Pipedrive

The process of generating leads often comes down to how much information you have about the best leads for your business.

And with a CRM tool like Pipedrive, you can not only streamline every part of the lead nurturing process but also gain valuable insights that can help you understand how your very best leads behave and where to find them.

Pipedrive is extremely easy to set up, provides excellent support, and has a very effective lead scoring system that can give your sales team the best chance of success.

How to use: Upload or import a list of your prospects and create engaging nurturing sequences to warm up the prospects and qualify leads based on their response.

23. Close


Close is another increasingly popular CRM solution that can be very helpful in your lead generation efforts.

It not only lets you track all of your sales activities such as emails, calls, meetings, voicemails, and tasks, but also helps you stay on top of your follow-ups and outreach emails with an easy-to-setup system.

But where Close really stands out is its lead sorting functionality – you can search your list of leads in seconds using a static or dynamic search and gain instant insights about which leads are the most worthy of pursuing, and why.

How to use: Import your prospects to Close and start creating engaging warm-up and nurturing sequences to skyrocket your conversions.

24. Outgrow

Qualifying leads is an integral part of making sure that you can meet their expectations.

And while most of your site’s visitors don’t enjoy filling out extensive forms, they are likely to be much more responsive to interactive quizzes and calculators that provide them with valuable insights about what they’re looking for, while also giving you much more information to work with.

What’s more, using quizzes and surveys to quality your leads can also help you increase your conversion rates by 30%, which alone makes a tool like Outgrow very useful.

How to use: Use Outgrow to create more interactive content sections within your site pages and collect more leads by asking for the contact details from your visitors.

25. Novocall


When trying to convert your site’s visitors, your success largely depends on how quickly you can engage them.

With Novocall, instead of forcing a prospective lead to wait for hours or even days, you can connect with him immediately, offering an instant callback service or at least allowing him to book a call at an available time.

This way, you can not only immediately qualify a lead by having him leave relevant information, but also can book a specific time to talk and make the case for your product.

How to use: Use Novocall to add the Callback feature to your site, and enable interested prospects to leave their contact information, getting leads to your sales team on autopilot.

26. Vainu

Often, the number of sales you can make depends on the quality of the leads that you can find.

And while sorting through countless websites looking for the right prospects can be a very time-consuming process, with the help of tools like Vainu, you can identify your best leads in a matter of minutes and keep track of any new opportunities in your field.

The tool offers access to a database of more than 100 million companies, so no matter what types of businesses you want to target, you can be sure that you’ll find them, along with their most important data, using Vainu.

How to use: Use the Vainu search to get a basic list of prospects to reach out to and set up alerts to get notified about new leads that are discovered.

27. ZoomInfo


ZoomInfo is another powerful tool for finding the best B2B leads in your niche.

You can search an extensive list of companies based on size, revenue, location, industry, as well as identify specific key figures in a company by position, function, responsibilities, and more.

With a tool like ZoomInfo, you can get to the most valuable leads for your business before your competition does and offer a solution that is the most likely to benefit them.

How to use: Use ZoomInfo’s advanced filtering system to find and engage the highest quality leads for your business.

28. Unbounce

Converting leads isn’t easy.

Even if you’re attracting targeted leads to your site, you still need to convince them to try your product, which can be a challenge if your landing page isn’t appealing or persuasive.

Luckily, with a tool like Unbounce, you can create stunning-looking landing pages that are optimized for conversions, and split-test various elements until you find the combination that gets your audience to take action.

Unbounce is incredibly easy to use, doesn’t require any coding knowledge, and offers plenty of tools such as pop-ups and sticky bars to help get the most out of every visitor that comes to your site.

How to use: Use Unbounce to create a lead-capturing landing page according to the best practices of the industry.

29. Instapage


Instapage is one of the most powerful landing page builders on the market, offering a wide range of features that allow you to customize every part of your landing page experience.

The platform specializes in customized landing page experiences for different types of traffic, as well as different goals, and provides plenty of templates and insights which allow you to instantly up the conversion rate for your lead-gen campaign.

Using Instapage, you can not only create an on-brand experience on your landing pages but also easily personalize the landing pages for different ads and ensuring that your ad campaigns are perfectly aligned with what your prospects experience after clicking through to your site.

How to use: Create beautiful-looking landing pages to capture leads using Instapage’s intuitive and easy-to-use dashboard.

30. Leadpages

Leadpages is an excellent website and landing page builder that’s designed to fit the needs of a small business.

The tool’s intuitive interface and powerful features allow even companies that are just starting out to create professional and engaging landing pages that help to capture leads and drive sales.

Even though Leadpages is more affordable than some of the other options, it still offers plenty of features. You can split-test various design elements to see what your audience responds to best and can use pop-ups and alert bars to capture leads that may need an additional nudge to take action.

How to use: Use Leadpages to create effective lead capture pages that will help you obtain the contact information of your site’s visitors.

31. DragDropr


Most business owners hate website builders – even if they’re supposedly intuitive, there can be a steep learning curve trying to figure out how stuff works, especially if you have a clear vision of how you want your site to look.

However, with the DragDropr, that’s never an issue.

This landing page creator is probably as easy to use as possible – as the name implies, it uses a simple drag & drop system that allows you to set up a nice looking page in minutes.

The solution integrates with WordPress, Shopify, Magento, and other major platforms, so you can just add it to your current CMS and start building pages immediately.

How to use: Build a landing page using DragDropr, start driving targeted traffic, and watch as your list starts filling up with warm leads that you can convert into customers.

32. Doodle

Doodle is one of the most popular scheduling tools on the market, and for good reason – although it’s a paid tool, the fair pricing structure and powerful features make it well worth the investment.

With Doodle, you can not only use their intuitive calendar system to book calls, but also set up meetings between multiple participants with the help of time suggestion functionality, the ability for participants to state their availability, and selecting the best option from everyone’s input, all in one easy-to-use platform.

When your interaction with leads requires multiple people from your team to be present, this can be a great way to ensure that everyone can attend despite their busy schedules.

How to use: Use Doodle to let your leads book meetings with your sales time in just a few clicks, increasing the number of calls that you get.

33. Quokka


No matter how good your emails might be, most of the subscribers on your list won’t take the action that you want them to take. At least not at first.

And since sending too many emails can seem spammy and decrease the open rates, you need a better strategy for engaging those readers who don’t respond to your CTA.

That’s where Quokka comes in

It automatically identifies the people that ignored your email and creates custom ad audiences on retargeting platforms, where they are then shown your ads with the same or similar Call-to-Action, driving a significant percentage of them to take convert and allowing you to get the most out of your list of prospective customers.

How to use: When running cold lead nurturing campaigns, deliverability matters a lot. Use Quokka to improve the deliverability of your cold emails and maximize your conversions with the help of automated retargeting campaigns.

34. Facebook Lead Ads

While it isn’t technically a tool, but rather a part of Facebook’s advertising platform, Lead Ads are too effective at generating leads to not be included on this list.

With Lead Ads, you can get in front of your very best customers that are using Facebook, setting up an audience according to interests and demographic data, and then show them relevant ads that drive action and get you subscribers and sales.

How to use: Create a Lead Ad campaign on Facebook to start collecting lead contact information inside of Facebook, without needing to redirect traffic to your site. To improve results, make sure to offer content in return like a report, ebook, or a whitepaper.

35. Proof


Social proof is absolutely essential when trying to convert leads.

After all, most of your new leads don’t know you or your company, so they must be able to trust you enough to buy from you or to even leave their contact info.

Proof solves that problem in an instant.

It shows relevant information such as the number of people who have recently bought your product or subscribed to your list, which can show that your website is popular and that others are trusting it.

Many companies report an instant 10-15 percent increase in conversions, which is quite good for implementing a tool that takes 10 minutes to add to your site.

How to use: Use Trust’s floating window messages about recent buyer activity to build trust and increase conversions on your opt-in page, giving you more leads in the process.

36. SocialBee

Engaging your social media audiences is an integral part of attracting targeted leads, but once you find yourself creating and curating content on multiple platforms, that can quickly become one of the most time-consuming parts of your efforts.

But with the help of SocialBee, you can take complete control over your social media marketing and management and streamline numerous processes.

The tool allows you to easily sort your content into categories so you can mix and match topics every month, plan content ahead of time so you don’t have to micromanage every post, and track the performance of your post using SocialBee’s pixel.

How to use: SocialBee allows you to set up evergreen content posting on your social media accounts, providing you with an automated and consistent flow of new leads.

37. Extole


In this article, we’ve explored dozens of incredible tools for generating leads, but as most savvy marketers know, the best and most qualified leads usually come by recommendation from current customers.

However, manually getting referrals can be a painstaking process, so to make it easier, you should consider using a tool like Extole – it offers a wide range of features that makes it easy to engage your most loyal customers and reward them for recommending your company to their friends and colleagues.

The wide range of APIs offered by Extole not only provide a seamless experience to your users but also give you valuable insights about how your customers and leads are behaving.

How to use: Launch a referral program with rewards for your current customers and watch as they become your biggest ambassadors, bringing you a steady stream of qualified leads that already trust your brand.

38. Ring.io

Making and taking calls is an integral part of any lead nurturing and sales process, so you need to have a system in place which can ensure that your team doesn’t have to waste time on unproductive tasks.

Ring.io is a tool that fills that purpose perfectly.

Your sales teams can instantly connect to any lead whenever needed, you can also use available CRM data to route inbound calls to the most appropriate representative, as well as record calls and gamify the call experience so you can track and improve the performance of your team.

How to use: Use Ring.io to let your site visitors request a callback in just a few clicks, automatically adding their info to the SalesForce CRM.

39. WebinarJam


We don’t need to tell you how powerful webinars can be for generating leads – hundreds of companies are using them as their primary lead generation tool with great success, so if you’re not doing it yet, now’s a great time to start.

And luckily, you don’t need to worry about a complicated and lengthy setup process, at least not if you use a tool like WebinarJam.

It allows streaming your webinars either on YouTube or their own platform, engages your audience during the conferences using the Attendee Spotlight feature, and keeps your webinars secure and exclusive using password-only entry.

How to use: Use WebinarJam to create evergreen webinars that make the attendees feel like they are attending a live one. Integrate auto-chat messages to help you capture and qualify leads, and schedule automatic webinar sessions in advance.

40. Demio

Another powerful webinar platform that’s designed for savvy marketers that want to engage their customers and provide a unified brand experience through video.

It offers all the tools that you could need for running webinars, including the registration pages, both live and automated webinar functionality, webinar replays, and attendee engagement options.

The affordable pricing structure also means that you don’t have to invest a lot upfront to get started and can grow your webinar audience at your own pace.

How to use: Create engaging and relevant webinars using Demio and get new leads by offering prospects the opportunity to sign up.

41. Leadzilla


Chasing leads can be a huge time-waster, especially when you’re trying to convert someone who’s just not the best fit for what your product can offer. But finding the very best leads, the ones with the highest lifetime customer value, can be a challenge.

That’s why Leadzilla can be such a game-changer.

Basically, you can just import your best customers into their database, set the parameters that you want, and have Leadzilla provide you with a list of potential leads that are the most similar to your best customers. They will even score the leads based on how closely they fit the parameters!

How to use: Import your leads to Leadzilla, set the parameters that you need, and get a list of leads that you know can become your very best customers.

42. LeadCrunch

Artificial intelligence is taking the world by storm.

So it’s not surprising that it’s entering the world of B2B marketing as well, and LeadCrunch is a prime example of just how powerful the technology has become.

It allows companies to get unlimited highly-targeted leads completely on autopilot, using advanced AI to source the best prospective leads based on a range of parameters and create lookalike audiences that you can market to.

How to use: Import your current customer data and gain access to lookalike audiences of prospects that are likely to become your best leads.

43. Flip PDF

Flip PDF

Creating useful and engaging content is at the very heart of any successful lead generation strategy.

But if you want your site’s visitors to opt into your list and leave their contact information, you must not only provide value but also make your presentation look professional.

With a tool like Flip PDF, you can create stunning-looking ebooks and reports in minutes, turning a plain PDF doc into gorgeous Flash & HTML5 documents that can be viewed on any device, have smooth flip animations, as well as sound capabilities.

How to use: Create a professional-looking report or ebook that you can offer your website visitors in exchange for their email address.

44. Smart Lead List by LeadCandy

When looking for leads, you need to be smart about who to focus on.

Ideally, the people you want to target are already looking at solutions similar to yours and are primed to buy as soon as the right offer comes along.

With the Smart Leads List tool by LeadCandy, you can gain access to thousands of highly-targeted leads from Twitter who are either interested in products similar to yours, unhappy with your competition, or engaged in learning more about your industry.

LeadCandy provides you with a detailed list of leads, as well as relevant information about them such as their contact info or company details.

How to use: Describe your ideal customers to LeadCandy, enter the Twitter usernames of the competitors and complementary products, and wait for LeadCandy to provide you with leads you can target in less than a week.

45. Outbrain


While PPC advertising is traditionally more prevalent in the B2B marketing world, the massive success and effectiveness of Native Ads in recent years cannot be ignored.

Using a platform like Outbrain, you can create ads that blend seamlessly with various media publications, serving as an enhancement to the websites instead of a disruption like more traditional ads.

With Native Ads, you can get your best content and offers in front of a targeted audience, and Outbrain makes the entire process as simple as possible.

How to use: Register with Outbrain, set your campaign parameters and your budget, and watch as targeted leads start pouring into your landing pages where you can capture them.

46. Taboola

Taboola is another powerful Native Ads platform that has a wide range of websites where you can display your content.

The main difference from Outbrain is its selection of sites, as Taboola tends to have higher traffic numbers. Taboola also uses a monthly budget system that can be broken down daily instead of a daily spend limit as in Outbrain.

When choosing between the two, you should consider the types of publications you want to appear on depending on your audience, and be very careful about setting a budget and the other parameters of your campaigns, but if you take the time to set up a successful campaign, you will never run out of leads coming to your site.

How to use: Run native ads that attract people that could be interested in your products to click through to your site.

47. Linkedin Lead Gen Forms

Linkedin Lead Gen Forms

Running ads on LinkedIn is a great lead generation strategy for B2B companies, as you can find high-quality leads in almost any industry.

However, to get the most out of the ads that you run, you should use the LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms feature which allows you to add a sign-up form to your sponsored content.

Since the forms are displayed inside the platform, the leads don’t even have to input any data themselves, as most fields are auto-filled using the information available on their LinkedIn profiles.

How to use: Create a Promoted Content Ad on LinkedIn, choose the Collect Leads Using LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms option, and start getting leads onto your list on autopilot.

48. Vidyard

Creating video content is hard work – it’s not only very time-consuming, but it can be expensive as well. Therefore, when creating videos, you should make sure that you get the most out of every single piece of content that you create.

And with Vidyard, you don’t have to worry about how to set up your videos to serve your lead generation efforts, as the platform provides you with all the tools necessary for doing just that.

You can enhance your videos with engaging call-to-actions, lead qualification, and use the powerful split-testing and performance analysis tools that figure out exactly what’s working, and why.

How to use: Register with Vidyard, upload your videos, and start adding CTAs and other features that can help you convert viewers into targeted leads you can sell to.

49. DocSend


Sometimes, the difference between closing a lead and losing him can be the ability to quickly and securely share a proposal or a document that needs to be signed.

With DocSend, you can share proposals, NDAs, or contracts using a secure platform which allows you to manage permissions, edit the document even after sending, and brand the viewing experience.

DocSend documents can be viewed with ease on any device, so whether you’re sending Word docs, Powerpoint presentations, or PDFs, they can be viewed instantly on the go.

DocSend can also be used to make your content upgrades and whitepapers look more professional and engaging.

How to use: Make your whitepapers and other digital resources stand out by giving them a professional touch on DocSend. Use these resources as valuable assets on your site or offer them to your readers as content upgrades in exchange for the lead’s contact info.

50. Terminus

Account-based marketing campaigns have been proven to be incredibly effective for B2B companies. But at the same time, scaling your ABM efforts can be a challenge because of the time each account requires.

That’s where Terminus can be so helpful.

It helps to streamline a lot of the processes that are part of the account-based marketing approach, enabling you to target the right accounts, engage them where they hang out, choose the right approach with each lead, and continuously measure performance.

How to use: Build a custom audience with the help of Terminus, filter the most relevant leads, and start nurturing them to generate warm SQLs for your sales team.

51. SalesWings


When pursuing leads, the more information you have, the better chance of you converting them into customers. Unfortunately, keeping tabs of your lead behaviors isn’t always easy, especially without tools that can help automate parts of the process.

That’s where SalesWings comes in.

It can provide valuable insights about the behavior of sales leads, score your leads according to pre-set rules, tell you the best time to reach out, alert your sales team of any changes, and much more.

How to use: Set up a lead scoring system on your website to know how “warm” every visitor that opts-in is, which will help you identify the most relevant and promising leads that you should pursue.

52. PredictLeads

Often, closing a lead comes down to timing.

Even if a particular company is a perfect fit for what you have to offer, you need to make sure that you reach out when they have the time, resources, and the need to buy from you.

Luckily, tools like PredictLeads offers all the insights you could need about the prospective leads that you’re targeting, alerting you when is the best time to reach out and start a conversation.

Whether it’s news about new technology being introduced, or a recent hire, having these types of insights can help you figure out exactly what the priorities are for that lead and position your offer accordingly.

How to use: Use PredictLeads data API to enrich your lead data with the most relevant and in-depth information, filtering out the ICP leads faster and more accurately.

53. Owler


Owler is a powerful tool designed to take your account-based marketing (ABM) efforts to a whole new level.

It can help you keep tabs on all news and key developments about the companies that you’re targeting, providing you with alerts on the predetermined triggers that you can customize.

You can trigger metrics such as acquisitions, new partnerships, new locations, funding, IPO joint ventures, record sales or profits, leadership changes, product launches, and more.

Knowing exactly what’s going on with your target companies as soon as it happens is an invaluable asset when you’re trying to build relationships and turn those leads into loyal customers.

How to use: Connect Owler with your CRM platform and start collecting invaluable insights about your leads which will allow you to figure out the best time to contact them.

54. SalesLoft

Today’s leads are demanding a more personalized and attentive approach from sales teams, so using all the tools that are available to meet those demands is crucial.

SalesLoft offers a powerful package of features that can help you connect with your leads, engage them more effectively, and close more sales in the process.

It helps personalize and deliver emails that actually get read and don’t get lost in the inbox. The tool also offers seamless calling functionality that enables your team to make calls at any time in any place.

Combine that with advanced analytics and performance tracking tools, and you’ve got a solution that’s perfect for the modern B2B sales teams wanting to get the most out of every new lead that they acquire.

How to use: Connect SalesLoft with your CRM and start using email and calling features to engage and nurture leads faster and more effectively.

55. ClickFunnels


For many marketers, capturing website visitors is a challenging process.

Some of them don’t know how to position their offer, but for many, it comes down to the lack of understanding about how to put together an appealing lead capture page.

So it’s completely understandable why a tool ike ClickFunnels is so incredibly popular right now.

It allows even brand-new companies with little to no marketing experience to create amazing-looking funnels that capture website visitors, help sell products, and even create follow-up sequences that make sure that the leads move down the funnel towards making a purchase.

How to use: Use the ClickFunnels Funnel Builder to create stunning landing pages for your funnels and start driving traffic to turn visitors into leads that you can nurture.

56. Growth Intelligence

What if you could use machine learning technology to get leads that are the most likely to convert delivered to you on autopilot? Well, that’s exactly what Growth Intelligence offers its customers.

Growth Intelligence analyses your very best customers and comes up with a list of signals that they have in common, which can then be used as indicators to find other companies that are likely to be interested and easy to convert as well.

Instead of wasting huge amounts of time trying to find these leads on your own, you can just open up your Growth Intelligence dashboard, choose a lead to reach out to, and start selling.

How to use: Use Growth Intelligence to build a list of companies that are interested in the products or services that you offer.

57. Anyleads


Getting engagement for your posts and articles is crucial if you want them to capture the attention of leads.

But some likes and shares are much more powerful than others – if you can get a prominent influencer in your field to share your post, that can get it in front of thousands of potential leads and drive tons of traffic to your site.

Using the Anyleads B2B Exchange, you can add the links to the posts that you publish online and have them displayed to a community of influencers who may choose to share your posts, giving your post more reach than it would be possible otherwise.

How to use: Register with Anyleads and start sharing your content on their B2B Exchange to get your content more exposure than ever before and attract leads that you couldn’t access otherwise.

58. LeadSift

When using account-based marketing, having more information about leads is always an advantage, and tools like LeadSift can help you gain an edge over the competitors.

After you tell LeadSift what types of leads you are interested in, it will provide you with a daily digest of red hot leads who have shown intent to buy right now.

If you can get in front of your leads at that moment, you have an extremely high chance of making the sale there and then, and can save a ton of time by not having to chase leads that are simply not ready to commit.

How to use: Register with LeadSift, provide them data about your customers, and start getting daily reports about hot leads that are ready to act right now.

59. Lemlist


Communicating with your leads via email can be a time-consuming process, especially when you have to personalize the same emails over and over again.

But with Lemlist, it can all be automated – pre-set the parameters for your email automations and send personalized emails (including personalized images!) to keep your leads engaged without the manual work.

Lemlist also makes it easy to track the performance of your emails, allowing you to optimize and tweak until you find the formula that works best.

How to use: Use Lemlist to send engaging and personalized emails to your leads, capturing their attention and driving them to take action.

60. Followup

Following up with leads can be a hassle, but it’s a crucial part of the sales process if you don’t want prospective customers to slip through the cracks.

With Followup, you don’t have to worry about forgetting to send an email – using the tool, you can set reminders to follow up or even schedule follow-up emails to go out completely on autopilot, exactly when you want them to.

If you get a response, the follow-up will be canceled automatically as well, and the tool even offers email open tracking which can let you know when the message has been read.

How to use: Use Followup to set up automated follow ups with your leads that go out in case they don’t reply to your initial email.

61. Convertful


Convertful is another excellent conversion optimization tool that offers a wide range of powerful features and has a free version that you can get started with.

It offers an abundance of optimization tools like pop-ups, floating bars, scroll boxes, welcome mats, floating buttons, and much more.

Using an intuitive interface, you can customize your pages according to your preferences and use advanced triggers to re-engage your visitors and maximize your chances of them taking action.

The cool thing about Convertful is the number of gamification options that you can experiment with in your conversion optimizations – add spin-to-win, scratch card, and many other conversion boosters to experiment with what your audience reacts to best.

How to use: Use Convertful to gamify your website, engaging and capturing more leads in the process.

62. FindThatLead

Finding the key decision-makers in the companies you want to target can be a headache, especially when you have a long list of leads that you want to engage.

But with FindThatLead, the process can become much simpler and you can spend less time looking up information, and more time engaging prospective customers.

FindThatLead comes with a range of powerful features – you can find targeted leads using their Prospector search, verify email addresses of people you want to reach, search for leads based on the company, and even find C-Level executives in the companies you want to approach.

How to use: Use the search features to find the contact information of leads, verify email addresses, and reach out to C-Level executives in companies that could be a good fit for your product.

63. Skrapp


When you’re looking for someone’s email address, you may need to try multiple apps until you can be sure you’ve got the right one.

Skrapp is yet another free email outreach tool that offers 150 searches per month with its free plan, which is more than enough to get you started.

You can search by name and company if you’re looking for a specific person, or even find the most important people behind any given company if you don’t know the person you should reach out to yet.

How to use: Use Scrapp to find email addresses of companies that you want to target, identifying the decision makers and increasing your chances of success.

64. SurveyAnyplace

Questionnaires are an integral part of getting to know your target audience and gaining valuable insights about their preferences and concerns.

SurveyAnyplace is an excellent tool for making the process of conducting surveys easy, fast, and convenient for both you and your customers.

Whether you want to run a simple customer satisfaction survey or qualify leads before sending them over to your sales team, SurveyAppliance can help. It even makes it very easy to reward your survey participants and customize the experience to fit your brand.

The software offers a free plan for getting you started, as well as a few affordable options once you find that you need more features.

How to use: Create surveys with SurveyAnyplace and start qualifying your leads and gaining insights about what’s important to your prospective customers.

65. QPoint


QPoint is another free tool for conducting surveys that’s easy to use, offering up to 100 monthly responses per form in their free plan.

While it may not be the most powerful survey tool on the market, it offers plenty of functionality to get started for free, and even allows you to choose from a range of themes and custom styles to personalize the experience of your leads.

Whether you want to embed a form on your site or send the questionnaire directly to your leads, you can do that, and more, with the free plan offered by QPoint.

How to use: Use QPoint to create questionnaires and quizzes that provide insights, help qualify leads, and increase your sales in the process.

66. OutreachPlus

Email outreach can be one of the most time-consuming tasks for your marketing and sales teams.

Luckily, with a tool like OutreachPlus, you can automate a lot of the manual tasks that go into personalizing and sending out outreach emails on a larger scale.

You can customize your cold emails and make them look personalized automatically, track replies, opens, and clicks, and even send automated follow-ups based on actions.

How to use: Use OutreachPlus to send outreach emails to prospects, personalizing the messages according to your preferences.

67. HelloBar


Many people have a negative opinion about pop-ups, but the fact remains that they work, and work incredibly well, if used correctly.

And with a free tool like HelloBar, you can start using pop-ups on your site and converting some of those customers that were about to leave.

With the app’s free plan, you can show 5,000 pop-ups per month, using hello bars, page takeovers, sliders, alert bells, or modals to engage the visitors that need a bit of a push to sign up.

How to use: Capture more visitors on your site by installing engaging full-page welcome mats, takeovers, sliders, and alert bells.

68. LeadConnect

LinkedIn remains one of the best places to source high-quality B2B leads.

However, using it to find leads manually can be a time-consuming task, especially when you need to reach out to dozens or even hundreds of people one by one.

With LeadConnect, you can automate a lot of those processes. Simply define your target audience, set up the invive and follow-up messages, and sync your prospects and the entire campaign to Hubspot where you can nurture and manage your leads from there.

How to use: Register with LeadConnect, add their Chrome extension, and start setting up sequences that you send out to your best prospective customers on LinkedIn.

69. LeadLeaper


Another excellent free LinkedIn lead generation tool is LeadLeaper – it allows you to get the email and phone number of anyone on LinkedIn instantly, even if you don’t have the LinkedIn Premium account.

With LeadLeaper, you can extract up to 100 leads every month completely free, saving you tons of time you would spend looking up the person using other email finders.

If you opt for the paid version, you can also use the Lead BOT which can capture hundreds of leads from your LinkedIn search pages at once, and even integrate with G Suite or Office 365 to send out email campaigns and track results.

How to use: Register with LeadLeaper, download the Chrome Extension, and start capturing the contact information of leads on LinkedIn.

70. Phantombuster

Automating various lead generation tasks is a top priority.

Every minute you waste doing manual and repetitive tasks could be used for brainstorming new ideas, engaging leads, or closing sales.

That’s where Phantombuster can be so helpful – it offers a wide range of APIs that can help you automate various tasks and save a ton of time.

Whether you want to scrape data from sites, send automated messages, or perform automated actions on social media, Phantombuster allows you to get more done every single day, which can only mean one thing: more leads and more sales.

How to use: Register with Phantombuster, choose the APIs that you want to use, and start automating various lead generation processes.

71. Vyper


Contests and rewards are a great way to engage your leads and drive conversions, and with Vyper, creating them becomes as easy as possible.

Using the intuitive dashboard and templates to create beautiful landing pages for contests that draw attention and get visitors to participate.

You can also create various rewards programs that incentivize actions that your users can perform such as social media engagement or referrals.

How to use: Register with Vyper, integrate with your platforms, and start creating beautiful forms and contests to capture leads on your website.

72. Calendly

When you’re trying to convert a lead, friction can be your biggest enemy.

Going back and forth through email, trying to set up a time to talk is not only a hassle, but it also lowers the eagerness of your lead and increases the likelihood that he’ll move on or get persuaded by the competition.

But with a tool like Calendly, setting a time for a meeting becomes effortless.

Just paste your personal Calendly link to the prospect and have him book a time for a chat. Calendly even offers handy reminders that ensure that both you and the lead remember to get on the call when the time comes.

How to use: Use Calendly to streamline the appointment booking process with your leads and ensure that you never lose a lead because of friction.

73. Wistia for Marketing

Wistia for Marketing

Video is one of the most powerful lead generation tools you can use – it’s not only more engaging than text, but can also help you get traffic from social media and platforms like YouTube.

And with the help of Wistia, you can even use videos as a direct lead generation tool.

Wistia allows collecting email addresses on the videos themselves, using a more discreet hover-on opt-in form or pausing the video and requiring an opt-in to continue watching.

How to use: Register with Wistia, upload your videos, and start experimenting with different opt-in forms to see which one gets you the most leads.

74. Mention

Tracking social media mentions is not something that many companies do – most don’t know what conversations are happening around their brand, which not only leaves their reputation vulnerable, but wastes lead generation opportunities as well.

With Mention, you don’t have to waste hours going through social media sites – it collects all of the conversations about your brand and displays them in one place, allowing you to join in and interact with your prospects and current customers.

This way, you can not only protect your reputation but can also position your brand positively and attract other readers to check out your products as well.

How to use: Use Mention to track mentions around your brand or the competitors, entering the conversation and attracting leads to visit your site.

75. JotForm


If you want the visitors on your site to opt in or buy from you, having engaging and professional-looking forms is essential.

So while you could try to get by with generic free forms that are available as a plugin or as part of your website design, there is a better option you should consider.

JotForm has a free plan that allows you to create beautiful opt-in forms, and the service even allows you to accept payments directly through the forms, which can make a huge difference in your conversions.

How to use: Use JotForm to create engaging forms that you can use to capture and qualify leads on your website.

76. Beacon

When creating content on your site, it’s important to think of how you could use it for your lead generation efforts as well.

For instance, when you have a well-performing article that’s getting a lot of visitors, you could use a tool like Beacon to create a beautiful-looking content upgrade that can only be accessed by opting into your list.

This way, instead of losing readers forever, you could capture them to your list and qualify and nurture them through email sequences.

Beacon not only allows you to create gorgeous content upgrades and lead magnets but also provides you with pop-up and engaging call-to-action options to maximize conversions.

How to use: Turn your content into a valuable asset by creating professional-looking reports, whitepapers, and content upgrades that can help you capture leads on your site.

77. Salesmate


When trying to get more leads for your business, every little detail can make a significant difference – even something as seemingly simple as an email signature can not only help position you as more professional but also serve as a lead generation tool by displaying key information about you and your company.

And with Salesemate’s Email Signature Generator, you can create informative and appealing email signatures in seconds. Just insert the information about yourself and your company and have the generator do the rest.

How to use: Input the info about yourself and your business, choose a template that you want to use, and copy the generated signature onto your email, making relevant information visible to prospects who might be interested.

78. Bonjoro

Keeping your leads and subscribers engaged is hard work, especially when you have to get their attention using only words on the screen.

But with Bonjoro, you can completely change how you interact with your audience – send and share personalized videos that deliver your messages in a much more powerful and personal way, which can not only increase engagement but lead to much stronger relationships as well.

Bonjoro allows you to track every aspect of your campaigns, including the open-rate, the views, and clicks, so you know exactly what’s working and what isn’t.

How to use: Use Bonjoro to record your video, brand and personalize your message, integrate it with your other tools, and share it with your audience to get the attention of even the hardest to reach leads on your list.

79. BuiltWith


When looking for the best leads, you will often need to find out what technologies they are using to see if your solution can be helpful.

With BuiltWith, you can find out what technology websites are built with, learning if the site is using shopping carts, analytics, what type of hosting are they using, and even what traffic they are getting.

Having this information can help you to not only qualify leads but also come much better prepared when you engage those leads and tell them how you can help.

How to use: Head over to the BuiltWith website, type in the name of the site that you want to check, and get insights about your leads in just a few seconds.

80. MobileMonkey

MobileMonkey is a Facebook messenger platform that lets you build chatbots on Facebook Messenger without writing any code.

Using it, you can schedule and bulk-send interactive and engaging content, offers, and campaigns to Facebook Messenger contacts.

The chatbots created via MobileMonkey can make appointments, answer FAQs, track purchases, and use A.I. to match content to intent via keywords and interactions.

How to use: Use MobileMonkey to instantly chat with your prospective customers in Messenger. With Facebook bot tools, you’ll be able to automatically nurture leads and convert them into customers.

81. OmniKick


OmniKick is a complete solution for omnichannel marketing worldwide. The tool helps you build responsive email lists by multiple funnels and send personalized push notifications in just a few clicks.

It comes with robust features such as:

  • Abandon Intent Technology
  • Five Different Type of Popup
  • Popup Metrics
  • Geo-Location Targeting
  • Device-Level Targeting
  • Page-Level Targeting
  • Easy-to-Use Popup Builder
  • And Many More…

OmniKick allows you to personalize your marketing campaigns and establish a powerful interaction with your users 24/7. You can generate leads, contact the leads, segment them and continue to grow your social media, all from one place.

How to use: If you are a WordPress user, all you have to do is download the built-in plugin from your account and run it on your site. For all other websites, simply copy and paste the code, it’s that simple.

82. Exceed

Exceed is a conversational marketing platform powered by AI.

Their AI assistant engages leads in human-like conversations over email or chatbot – it understands a lead’s reply and responds with the right message. It automates contact and follow-ups with leads, qualifies them, answers questions, and schedules meetings for sales reps. Exceed ensures that every lead is engaged and that none go untouched.

How to use: Use Exceed to turn leads into qualified opportunities with timely, personalized, and contextual responses and follow-ups.

83. REVE Chat


One of the most important aspects of lead generation is to provide real-time assistance to your website visitors and customers. Live chat bridges the gap between the businesses and its audience thus helping to generate more leads online.

REVE Chat is a multi-channel AI-enabled live chat platform that maximizes leads across all channels such as your website, mobile, messaging apps, and automates lead generation with the help of chatbots.

You can configure chatbots to prequalify leads even if your sales reps are not available. With bots, you can qualify your sales prospects by asking the right questions and then prompt them to schedule an appointment or transfer them to your sales team.

REVE Chat also offers a complete suite of live engagement tools like co-browsing & video chat for the sales demo to shorten the conversion cycle. You can also use these tools to help your customers in the application process or form fill up.

How to use: Integrate REVE Chat on your website and connect with your CRM to analyze your customer journey and faster follow-up. Use chatbots as the first contact to qualify potential visitors and transfer them to the sales team for follow up.

84. EmailAnalytics

As the saying goes, “If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it.”

This rings true for most business strategies, including B2B email outreach. If you’re conducting an email outreach campaign with one of the other tools on this list, make sure you’re measuring the success of your campaign using a tool like EmailAnalytics.

EmailAnalytics is a software tool that connects to your Gmail or G Suite account and visualizes your email activity – or that of your employees. This enables sales teams, customer service teams, and small business owners to measure essential productivity metrics like average email response time, email traffic by hour of the day, email traffic volume by day of the week, and much more.

How to use: Use EmailAnalytics to analyze your or your employee email activity. You’ll learn essential metrics like average email response time, which you can use to improve your outreach efforts.

85. Salesflare


Salesflare is the perfect CRM for any small B2B business that wants to make more sales with less work.

The CRM collects information automatically by synchronizing with your email, calendar, phone, social media, organizing all this data for you.

Its email integration is simply unrivaled. In an instant, it imports email signatures, tracks your emails on opens and clicks (with linked website integration), and brings your CRM right in your inbox, making your sales process simpler than ever before.

How to use: Use Salesflare’s automation features and streamline your processes. It only takes a few minutes to set up!

Source: https://albacross.com/newsroom/b2b-lead-generation-software/

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