Best 29 Conversion Optimization Tools


A guide to Every #Conversion Optimizer to improve your #ROI
Conversion Rate Optimization help you understand how people engage with your website and how they perceive your brand to improve your ROI and to grow your business.

Conversion optimizer won’t be able to convert web visitors without the right set of tools. CRO tools help you have the data you need to optimize your website , take the traffic you already have and making the most of that resulted in turning visitors into buyers, and traffic into revenue.

Here are some of the most effective CRO tools that help you improve the performance of your website. Just choose the ones that will help your company achieve its biggest goals !!

1- Hotjar
All-in-one Analytics and Feedback. Hotjar is a new and easy way to truly understand your web and mobile site visitors. Identify your hottest opportunities for improvement using heatmaps, recordings, funnel analytics, form analytics, polls and surveys.
$0-$89 (Freemium)

2- Mixpanel
Event based analytics – Actions speak louder than page views. The most advanced analytics platform ever for mobile and the web with the ability to learn more from your data by being able to ask increasingly important and complex questions. Most analytics products limit insights to basic trend lines.
$0-$2000 (Freemium)

3- Crazy Egg
What’s making your visitors leave? Find out by seeing how users click and scroll through your website. Lets you see exactly what people are doing on your website. Get priceless insights for high-ROI changes. Use your web budget way more effectively. Make a great case for prioritizing your redesign. Speed up your user testing & analysis process. Show your boss your changes worked. Enjoy more conversions and better engagement.
$9-$99 (Basic-Pro)

4-Heap Analytics
Define events with just pointing and clicking. Heap automatically captures every user action in your web or iOS app and lets you measure it all after the fact. Clicks, taps, swipes, form submissions, page views. You’re no longer limited by events you thought to log upfront.
$0 – $599

5- Piwik
Open-source analytics platform. Cloud hosting service provides you with a secure, cost-effective and reliable analytics solution, while still allowing you to have full control and ownership of your data and privacy. Track an unlimited number of websites, create any number of users and analyse your website’s data and information! Data Ownership. Privacy Compliance. Infrastructure Monitoring. Backups and Data Protection.
$29-$5900 (Basic-Custom Quote)

6-Lucky Orange
Real Time Web Analytics See How your Visitors Actually Use your Website. See every person that is on your site at this very moment. Co-Browse and Chat with customers to give an unparalleled level of support to help them through the conversion process. Measure the Pulse of Your Website. Invite a user to chat, or let them click a subtle and customizable chat button on your site.
$9-$90 (Small-XLarge)

Adobe Marketing Cloud is the most complete set of marketing solutions available. And it gives you everything you need to get deep insight into your customers, build personalized campaigns and manage your content and assets.

Powerful analytics / tracking tool with generous free tier.
$0 – $995SurveyPal

9- Popcorn Metrics
Event visualizer for user events tracking without coding. Send user events straight to Mixpanel,, Google Analytics, Kissmetrics,,
$9 – $249

10- Analytics Spam Killer…/tools/ga-referrer-spam-killer
The best tool for getting rid of the annoying referral spam in your Analytics data. The tool has the longest list of spam domains and spam hosts!

12- Geckoboard
Geckoboard is a real-time dashboard that gives you instant access to your most important metrics. Define the metrics that align with your current business goals. Pull in the data you need from the services you use. See your data in real-time and make informed decisions.

13- Feelbacks (Emotion Analytics)
Emotion Analytics for Publishing Sites. Discover how your users are reacting on an emotional level to your content.
$0 (Free)

14- Framed
Framed uses machine learning to analyze your analytics and tell you which customers are about to buy or abandon your product. Get the insights you need to stop customer churn.
$99 – $1,000/month

15-Navegg Analytics
This is a web analytics solution that enables data analysis and on-site activation. It allows you to analyze the audience’s profile, abandonment rate, average ticket and to keep track of the campaign’s attribution and ROI. Besides having the ability to activate the data to make personalized offers and create custom segments to impact again people who were in contact with your company somehow.
$0 (Free)

16- Sumome
See How Much of Your Articles Get Read with Content Analytics. See How Far People Read Your Page. Figure out Where to Place Call-To-Actions. Run It on All of Your Blog Posts. Real Time Feedback.

17- Keen IO
According to the company, Keen IO takes the pain out of custom analytics with powerful APIs to gather the data you want to find the answers you need, which is stored in the Cloud. Transform your data into answers to strengthen your network with scalable information in minutes. Build and collect huge amounts of event data whenever you’d like.
$0 (Self-Service – Request Custom Quote)

18- Woopra
Real-time Customer Activity. All in one place. Go beyond traditional analytics and truly understand your customers. Woopra also tracks anonymous website & mobile app users from their first touch until they identify themselves.

19- Snitcher
Get insight into which companies are visiting your website and see what they do there. Because Snitcher combines the rich amount of data it gathers about those companies with the actions they perform on your website, picking out potential leads becomes a breeze.
$24 – $34 / Month

20- WizRocket
Real time user analytics combined with ability to engage with your users on mobile, email and web.
$0 (Free) analytic, 100K free notifications

21- Mode
Collaborative tools for analysts who fuel data-driven companies. Best place for analytical work: write SQL, share ad-hoc analysis, and build powerful visualizations to help everyone make better decisions. Visualize data in seconds. Empower others with self-serve analyses. Find and reproduce past work quickly. Build internal data tools without engineers. Connect all your data sources.
$249 (For SQL writers, free for others)

GoSquared Brings all your customer-level data together in one place. Monitor, report and understand with one platform. Connect your team with your users and customers. Easy-to-use so your team can pick it up in hours, not weeks.
$0-$5,000 (Free-Enterprise Custom Quote)

23- Klipfolio
A Business Dashboard for Everyone. Build dashboards to track all the metrics that matter to you for only $20/month.
Starting at $20/user/month

A marketing research tool providing key factors for marketing resonance. In created niches, HAAARTLAND sorts out top content, key influencers, popular topics, hashtags and social arenas.

25- appFigures
Powerful app store analytics that covers app revenue and downloads, usage analytics, hourly ranks, reviews, and more. All with an intuitive and flexible reports, daily and weekly emails, and a native app.
Free or $4.99/mo

26- Insights
Bridging the gap between complicated analytics and data driven action. Statistically Significant Insights. Always Know What’s Next. Any Website Works. Optimize Your Sales and Marketing Funnels. Find Your Target Markets.
$0 (Free)

27- My Analytics app
Track your progress on the go and know your key metrics and business performance anytime, anywhere. Fee Google Analytics mobile app that shows your key metrics to help you track and share progress when you’re away from your computer.
$0 (Free)

28- Formisimo
In-depth analytics for forms
£30 per month

A secure dashboard allowing you to connect over 30 integrations, to view your business data and statistics in one place. Stop wasting time searching for your data, and start making better business decisions with
$14.99 – $79.99

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