Top and Best Growth Hacking Courses – LEARN GROWTH HACKING: 26 ONLINE COURSES – FROM $0 [2019]


Hereis 26 online courses that will help you become a Growth Hacker, divided in 4 categories, all of which are essential for a true growth hacker.

  • Growth Hacking Courses
  • Marketing Courses
  • Coding Courses
  • Data Analysis Courses

Growth Hacking Courses

  1. The Ultimate Introduction To Growth Hacking  | Growth Hacking University | $85.56 
    Learn how to acquire more customers and model your product’s growth from one of the world’s first international growth hacking agencies. This course will help you adopt a growth mindset and process, essential to executing your growth strategies.
  2. The Ultimate Guide To Funnel Optimization | Udemy | $11.99
    If you’re a newcomer to the world of Growth Hacking, it’s essential for you to cover the basics as well as to get actionable advice. We turned the whole web upside down, but we couldn’t find another course like this. It may be priced for $129, but I assure you that it is one of the best courses your money can buy.
  3. HypeBomb – Growth Hacking for startups | Udemy | $34.99
    HypeBomb, as its name states, is the bomb. It’s a course on how to get more clients for your startup; Period. It doesn’t have to deal with any theory at all. Instead, it concentrates on marketing strategies that worked every time in the past. Learn how to get more clients and convert them into paying customers. NOW!
  4. Growth Courses | GrowHack | $69/month 
    Subscribing provides you courses well over 1200$ worth of value. If you have the budget and the desire to spend it wisely, then you should attend these classes. Plus, you get access to exclusive discounts, expert & personalised support for each class and access to all course updates.
  5. Growth Master Training Course | GrowthHackers | $370.76
    This self-paced course taught by Sean Ellis, founder and CEO of GrowthHackers is for the experience digital marketers who want to step up their game. This course teaches you everything about growth and how you and your team will embrace it.
  6. Startup Growth Hacking: 19 Actionable and Advanced Tactics | Udemy | Free
    Are you ready to grow? The mind behind Moz, will walk you through 19 proven and actionable growth hacks to do so. All video lectures, eBooks and worksheets are download-enabled.
  7. Learn How to Get Your First Million Users | Udemy | $19.99
    The credits given for this class really blew my mind. The course focuses on viral loops and elements of virality. Also the 59$ it will cost you, seems very reasonable for what you get.
  8. Learn To Explode Product Growth In Just One Month | OneMonth | $199
    If you want an easy path to get to know about what it takes to be a growth hacker, this is the course for you. Overall, this could be the starting point for any entrepreneur, marketer, or engineer who wants to learn how to grow a product.

Digital Marketing Courses

  1. An Introduction to Marketing | Coursera – University of Pennsylvania | Free 
    Taught by three of Wharton’s top faculty in the marketing department, which is consistently ranked as the #1 marketing department in the world, this course will teach the fundamentals of marketing by getting to the root of customer decision making. The course will focus on branding strategies, customer centricity and new market entry.
  2. The Fundamentals of Digital Marketing | Google | Free
    This Digital Marketing Course is an initiative designed to educate students in the area of Digital Marketing. Learn the basics of Search Engine Marketing, Search Advertising, Display Advertising, Mobile, Social, Analytics, Video – YouTube.
  3. The Complete Digital Marketing Courses | Udemy | $199.99 (usually at a discount)
    Also known as ’12 Courses in 1′, this is the top-selling digital marketing course on Udemy, and for a good reason. More than 200,000 students have received over 20 hours of training, quizzes and practical steps in one of the most comprehensive digital marketing courses you will find.
  4. Quick Sprout University | Quick Sprout | Free
    Link Building, Content Marketing, Paid Advertising, Email Marketing, and more. Quicksprout sheds some light on different categories and experience levels.

Coding Courses

  1. Code Foundations | Codeacademy | From $15.99/month
    “Interested in learning how to code, but unsure where to start?” Spoiler alert: You start from this course. This series has a clear focus on theory – computer science history, career exploration as well as applications.
  2. Intro to Computer Science| Udacity | $599 – Free Course included
    This course promises to teach you Python, a powerful, easy-to-learn, and widely used programming language, and you’ll explore computer science basics, as you build your own search engine and social network. Give it a try to the free trial. It will blow your mind.
  3. Web Design for Everybody | Coursera – University of Michigan|
    Want to know the Basics of Web Development and Coding? This is the place to go to learn HTML5 and CSS3. Also, how to create interactive web experiences with JavaScript and responsive design to enable pages to be viewed by various devices.
  4. Computer Science | Codeacademy | From $15.99/month
    This course is for anyone who wants to learn the fundamentals of computer science with Python. Among other things, you will learn Introduction to Programming, Linear and Complex Data Structures, Sorting & Search Algorithms in Python.
  5. Web Development | Codeacademy | From $15.99/month
    Start with the basics of HTML but progresses quickly through CSS, JavaScript, and React.The Web Development course includes Introduction to jQuery, Building Interactive JavaScript Websites, Intermediate JavaScript, and also learning the Command Line and Git.

Data Analysis Courses

  1. Google Analytics for Beginners | Google Analytics Academy | Free
    Google Analytics for Beginners shows new users how to create an account, implement tracking code, and set up data filters. You’ll learn how to navigate the Google Analytics interface and reports, and set up dashboards and shortcuts. This is the point A of Google Analytics.
  2. Google Analytics Advanced | Google Analytics Academy | Free
    In the sequel of Google Analytics course, you will learn about advanced Google Analytics features including data collection, processing and configuration, and more complex analysis and marketing tools.
  3. Google Analytics for Power Users | Google Analytics Academy | Free
    Given that you enrolled in the previous courses, you are now familiar with the range of features Analytics offers Google Analytics for Power Users builds on your advanced understanding of Google Analytics and allows you to put yourknowledge into action.
  4. Google Tag Manager Fundamentals | Google Analytics Academy | Free – Open for registration
    The tag management system for managing JavaScript and HTML tags for tracking and analytics has its very own course. Learn how to set up the Tag Manager, how to use additional tags for marketing and remarketing, and everything in-between.
  5. Lean Analytics Workshop | Udemy | Free
    Two of Year One Labs co-founders, teach you to use data to build a better startup faster in partnership with Geckoboard. The Lean Startup movement advocated a new approach to finding the right product and market with a constant cycle of building, measuring, and learning. Now Lean Analytics dives deeper into the measurement component of that cycle.
  6. Intro To Data Science | Udacity | Free
    Grab the opportunity to work through a data science project end to end, from analysing a dataset to visualising and communicating your data analysis. By working on the class project, you will be exposed to and understand the skills that are needed to become a data scientist yourself. Learn about:
    1. Data Manipulation
    2. Data Analysis with Statistics and Machine Learning
    3. Data Communication with Information Visualization
    4. Data at Scale — Working with Big Data
  7. Data Analysis with R | Udacity | Free
    Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) is an approach to data analysis for summarising and visualising the important characteristics of a data set. If you want to understand data analysis via EDA, explore data at multiple levels using appropriate visuals, acquire statistical knowledge for summarising data or to demonstrate curiosity and scepticism when performing data analysis and develop intuition around a data set and understand how the data was generated, this class should fit you like a velvet glove.
  8. Introduction To Databases  | Stanford University | Free
    Although this course is not running, for now, you can go through the whole course completely for free directly through Stanford Online. Moreover, this course is available through Coursera, and you can add it to your watchlist for the near future. This mini-course provides a general introduction to databases and introduces the popular relational data model.
  9. Data Science | Codeacademy | From $15.99/month
    With Data Science course, you’ll learn to manipulate data with SQL and Python, the foundational languages of data science and analytics. Besides those, you are going to learn about Data Analysis with Pandas, Data Visualization, and Machine Learning (Supervised – Unsupervised).


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