Top 14 Acquisition and Retargeting Tools

Acquire New Customers and Increase Conversions.


Acquire New Customers and Increase Conversions.

Explore clicks and targeting trends. Get mobile advertising insights for your specific line of business. Learn how broad match can help you access untapped clicks and conversions


1- Google Adwords

Be Found In More Online Searches Start Advertising With Google Now. Advertise locally and attract customers with the products that they’re searching for. Attract more customers. Advertise locally or globally. Reach the right people at the right time. No visit, no fee. Start with any budget.

$0 (Pay-Per-Click)



2- Ad Espresso

Optimize your Facebook Ads Easily, Like Morning Coffee. The smartest robot ever is ready to optimize all of your Facebook ads!



3- Automate Ads

Programmatically automate, optimize, and unify your digital advertising campaigns with incredible software.



4- Bing

Explore clicks and targeting trends. Get mobile advertising insights for your specific line of business. Learn how broad match can help you access untapped clicks and conversions. Use Bing Ads to help customers find your goods and services online. Lead more customers to your website with our short- and long-term strategies.Schedule and automate top campaign management tasks to streamline your work. Boost conversions by making your site clear and easy to use on a smartphone. Study up on search behavior for top sales this school season.

$0 (Cost-Per-Click)


5- AdRoll

The Global Leader in Retargeting. Do more with your data. AdRoll Retargeting is the only unified platform that helps you reach customers intelligently across devices on Facebook, Twitter, Apple iAd, and millions of websites.

$0-$7500 (Fee- Custom Quote)


6- Eltoro

Place digital advertisements in households, university campuses, hotels, and more using only a physical mailing address with IP targeting technology. If you know the physical mailing address of a location, or if you have that location’s IP address, you can place digital advertisements on the computers of whomever browses the Internet from that location.

Cost per thousand impressions (CPM)



7- Yahoo!

Offers an innovative suite of advertising solutions, backed by industry-leading data and insights, to help you meet any marketing objective. Cost-effectively reaching the right customers at scale is the key to marketing efficiency. Our easy, innovative, self-service tools enable you to control your budget, target your ideal audience and deliver the right creative.Combine search and native ads for superior results. Reach more than one third of the US search market. Enables your brand to be immersed within the digital experiences consumers turn to most.



8- Perfect Audience

Twitter, Facebook and Google Remarketing. The easiest way to retarget across the web, Facebook, and Twitter. Retarget lost visitors everywhere from one simple dashboard. Setup takes just minutes. Improve ROI. Unique and Innovative advertising solutions. Visual Relevance.



9- imonomy

In-Image Advertising: The best way for publishers to earn incremental revenue, and the most effective way for advertisers to reach an audience without having to worry about banner blindness

Revshare $


10- Student Beans

Targeting 18-24 year old. Student discount made easy. A youth media brand. We produce entertaining content and provide useful resources to make student life a little more awesome.

$0 (Free)


11- SiteScout

Self-Serve Advertising Platform. Leading self-serve ad platform for marketing professionals and agencies. Our easy-to-use, real-time platform allows you to create and manage: Banner ad campaigns, Mobile ad campaigns. Rich media ad campaigns, Retargeting ad campaigns. All in real time. All within minutes.



12- MentAd

Acquire New Customers and Increase Conversions. Predictive marketing platform that identifies the most profitable opportunities to help you acquire your next customers. Utilizes your existing conversion and customer data and enhances it with 3rd party data to understand what uniquely characterizes your existing customers. Automatically Identify Marketing Opportunities. Drive New Customers to Grow Conversions.

$0 (Free Trial)




One of the best retargeting softwares available on the internet. Boost your sales up to 100% with just a few clicks! Marketing automation, email triggers, email marketing software

3.50%  $


14- img.Ads

World’s first advertising platform based on images. Build your brand’s visual presence online with img.Ads – the first digital advertising platform based on images. Automatically assign ads to images.

$ (Free Trial)

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