Top 21 Mobile Analytics Tools

Shorten the sales cycle with the top lead generation softwares !!


The most mobile analytics tools you must know about !!

Every app developer need the tool that provide him with analytics and marketing features through it can improve his app and get more downloads and drive revenues.

There are some effective softwares that help you getting this features such as track the amount of time spent in an app, trending over time, segmentation based on geography, and device or operating system attributes.

Here are some effective tools to make your app the best it can be and give you the data about your user behaviour. Just choose the ones that will help your company achieve its biggest goals !!


1- Appsee

Appsee’s mobile analytics platform provides in-depth analysis of your users’ behavior, allowing you to provide the ultimate app experience. User Recordings. Touch Heatmaps. Realtime In-App Analytics. Appsee auto detects screens, buttons and user actions so you don’t have to decide what to measure in advance. Watch recordings of crashed sessions to see the exact workflow in order to reproduce the crash. Appsee’s SDK is lightweight & works in the background without impacting your app’s performance.

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2- Mixpanel

Actions speak louder than page views. The most advanced analytics platform ever for mobile and the web.the ability to learn more from your data by being able to ask increasingly important and complex questions. Most analytics products limit insights to basic trend lines.

$0-$2,000 (Free-High Volume Custom Quote)


3- Branch

Mobile analytics and deep linking

$0 Free


4- Appsflyer

Setting the Standard for Mobile Attribution AnalyticsAppsFlyer is the market leader in mobile advertising attribution & analytics, helping marketers to pinpoint their targeting, optimize their ad spend and boost their ROI. Retention & Cohort Reports.Retargeting Attribution. Facebook & Twitter Partner. In-App Events. Push API. Real Time Attribution. Work with Any Agency. OneLink. One Universal SDK.

$0.05-$5,800 (Tier 1- Tier 3)


5- UXCam

UXCam helps you find usability issues on your apps in minutes by recording and analyzing what they do inside the app. Session Replay of your app + Analysis of usability issues (Heatmaps, UserFlow). Everything you need to improve UX on your app.

$99 – $249


6- MoEngage

Engage & Retain your App users like never before. Push Notification & In-App Messages powered by Realtime User Analytics.

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7- Tenjin

Combine mobile user value with acquisition cost to tell you which campaigns are most effective.

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8- Localytics

Smart app marketing demands powerful analytics. Only Localytics brings app marketing and analytics together. Attribution & Remarketing. Real-time Analytics. Personalized Messaging. Omnichannel Profiles.

$0-$2,000 (Pro-Enterprise Custom Quote)


9- StreetHawk

Mobile Viral Growth, Deeplinks & Automation



10- App Stories

App Stories provides a 360° vision of your apps and your competitors. You can track keywords, sales, tops, … and aggregates all that data in graph reports. When something happens (rating change, new version, …) on one your app or one of your competitors, you receive alerts. Stop losing time in grabbing data, start using App Stories.



11- Adjust

Mobile App Tracking & Attribution

Start from $129



Grow your mobile app. No ads required. Track, acquire and activate new users from organic channels: Email. SMS. Social. Mobile Web. Web. Activate with personalization. Make new users feel at home. Reduce friction during onboarding with a personalized experience.One Link to Rule Them All. Web + Mobile + Intelligent Routing + Attribution + Deeplinking + Analytics

$0 (Free- Enterprise Custom Quote)


13- CleverTap

CleverTap is a real-time mobile user engagement and analytics platform . CleverTap helps you identify, track and engage app users using push notifications, in-app messages and emails. Get better at engaging and retaining your app users, leverage user profile data and actions to do powerful personalized messaging.

Free to send notifications to 1 million users per month


14- WizRocket

Real time user analytics combined with ability to engage with your users on mobile, email and web. Send intelligent push and email notifications.

$0 (Free), Unlimited Notifications to 100K users every month.


15- Flurry

Flurry’s mission is to optimize the mobile experience through better apps and more personal ads. Understand the User Path. Optimize Conversions. Segment Powerfully. Understand Demographics. Benchmark Your App. Optimize Your App Portfolio. Optimize App Traffic & Maximize Marketing ROI, Completely for Free. Analyze at the Campaign Level.

$0 (Free)


16- Tapdaq

Tapdaq helps you to grow and retain your user base



17- FollowAnalytics

FollowAnalytics is leading the charge for the next generation of 1:1 mobile engagement solutions that deeply engage customers. Powered by the first of its kind Contextual Analytics Engine™ and push-button connectors to customer data sources, FollowAnalytics does the “heavy lifting” for marketers, providing the intelligence and automation needed to create mobile moments and omnichannel experiences that delight customers. FollowAnalytics customers are industry leading brands including: AXA, Allianz, BNP Paribas, L’Oréal, Renault, Voxeet and more. Founded in 2013 by Samir Addamine, FollowAnalytics is headquartered in San Francisco with offices in Paris and Montreal.



18- Apptentive

Apps need love too. Power native in-app surveys, ratings prompts, reviews, and messaging with Apptentive’s software kit. It’s the mobile CRM solution that earns customer love and retention. Learn how customers feel about your app. Have two-way conversations between you and your customers, inside your app. Collect quantitative data and qualitative information with a tap. provides key insights to who your customers are, what they care about, and how to talk with them. Utilize the data to communicate more personally and more effectively.

$0-$299 (Support-Enterprise Custom Quote)


19- Applause

Applause equips you with the app quality tools & services you need to launch web, mobile & wearable apps that win.

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20- Appboy

Hello. Meet Appboy. Intelligent CRM for our mobile-centric world. Your customers are mobile. Your marketing automation technology should be, too. Start building better relationships with your customers today. Next Level Personalization With Connected Content. By melding the flexibility of Appboy Open Access with increased opportunities to tailor your messaging, marketers can effortlessly encourage desired behavior and increase conversions.

$0 (Free)


21- AppFigures

A beautiful app tracking platform for app developers and publishers. We automatically grab and visualize everything that matters by combining sales & download numbers, world-wide reviews & ranks, and other juicy data into powerful, easy to understand reports.

$0-$49.99 (Free-Enterprise)

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