Top 35 Lead Generation and Spy Tools

Shorten the sales cycle with the top lead generation softwares !!


Shorten the sales cycle with the top lead generation softwares !!

Every marketers need the tool which discover  capture higher quality leads and drive revenue,

So you can do it easily now with lead generation softwares and rapidly grow leads, fans, users and customers & drive authentic engagement and also convert site visitors into customers.

Here are top effective tools that make it possible for you and close deals. Just choose the ones that will help your company achieve its biggest goals !!


1- Leadberry

Powered by Google Analytics, Leadberry is a web based B2B lead generation software that identifies website visitors and turns them into sales leads. The tool provides a diverse array of sales intelligence data about prospect companies, automatically – analytics data, contact data, business data and social data for your prospects, at a click of a button. New accounts get a full feature 30-day trial of our paid plans!

Freemium to $35/mo


2- PR Hunters

PR Leads From Twitter Delivered To Your Inbox Instantly.

Free – $40


3- TheWebMiner Filter

Website Profiler, Lead Generation, Market Research and Competitive Intelligence



4- SumoMe

Tools to Grow Your Website’s Traffic and yes, they work on any website. Increase your daily email sign-ups by 20%. See where your visitor are clicking. Get more shares, on web, mobile and everywhere.

$0 – $49(Freemium)


5- Find That Email

The Yellow Pages of Emails – Find the email address of decision makers in millions of companies worldwide.



6- Hello Bar

Tool for A/B testing different CTAs & power words. Awesome plugin for generating leads (emails) or driving traffic to landing pages.

$0 (Freemium)


7- Startuplister

Get your startup listed on 60+ websites with only one submission

$99 – $299


8- Survicate

Survicate helps you generate and qualify more leads from current traffic to your website with precisely targeted forms. Profile visitors over time and send them to the sales team when you qualify them as potential customers.

$50-$300 (starting price of Professional plan)


9- PressRush

PressRush is a tool that helps you discover the right people and send them the right message at the right time.

$49 – $199


10- BuiltWith

Our products include a sales intelligence, lead generation and market analysis tool for web technology, and an API for automating web technology request lookups. Technology lookup. BuiltWith tracking includes widgets, analytics, frameworks, content management systems, advertisers, content delivery networks, web standards and web servers to name some of the technology categories we cover. Website profiling, lead generation, competitive analysis and BI tool providing technology adoption and usage analytics.

$295-$995 (Basic-Enterprise)


11- PressFarm

Find journalists to write about your startup. Save yourself hours of searching. Save yourself hours of searching.

$0-$9 (Freemium)


12- Just Reach Out

Find journalists. Perfect your pitch. Reach out and get press. Get help writing your email pitch and find reporters to contact.

$47-$147 (Monthly- One-Year Subscription)


13- SimilarWeb

Compare website traffic with’s advanced traffic estimator tool. See any website’s traffic sources & uncover their online marketing strategies

$199/m – Enterprise


14- Justuno

On-site promotions platform. Convert higher rates of traffic into sales and leads. Engage and Convert Visitors with Onsite & Mobile Promotions. Increase sales with powerful behavior based targeted promotions. Capture visitors at the point of exiting with our Exit Promotions. Learn how to increase your list by 300% with onsite promotions. Grow your fan base while amplifying your brand and increasing your social SEO.

$19-$366 (Free-Enterprise)


15- Ghostery

Alerts users about the web bugs, ad networks and widgets on visited web pages. News, screenshots and download. FREE browser extension gives consumers digital transparency. Speed up, clean up, and lock down your websites and apps. Get compliant with AdChoices, Cookie Law, and other programs. Control the tags on your sites and apps.

$0 (Free)



Multi-channel email list growth with landing pages and website popups



17- Promotehour

Free list of 140 places to submit a startup to acquire customers & get feedback.



18- Pipetop

Pipetop is a sales intelligence solution. It is designed to help businesses find qualified leads so that they can solely focus on sales. Pipetop provides leads and decision maker contacts from 13 countries and four industry verticals – consumer brands, e-commerce, software companies and agencies.

Starting from: $299/month


19- LeadCrunch

Pandora for B2B Sales. Finds high-precision B2B leads using artificial intelligence. Just give it examples of your best customers and it finds leads just like them.

Free trial. Packages start at $250/month.


20- CompeteShark

Track Your Competitiors Every Move. Learn from your competitors content changes as they happen. Make informed competitive marketing decisions.

$89/mo – $299/mo


21- WakeBase

Contacts of recently funded & promising startups delivered to your inbox.



22- Instauzz

Instauzz allows you to share news with more than 100 tech and design publishers with ONE CLICK.



23-  Hey Press

Find relevant journalists. For free.



24- AddThis

Connect with Your Audience Using Better Website Marketing Tools

$0 – $250/mo (Freemium)


25- SalesTools

Outbound Sales Acceleration. Prospect Faster. Sell More.

69$/mo – 189$/mo


26- SimilarTech

Bring powerful marketing, sales and market-research tools by crawling the web and analysing the technologies behind any site found on websites. Estimated monthly visits. Websites categorization. Countries distribution of traffic. Generate lists of relevant web technologies’ clients lists for market research and lead generation. See exactly which websites are starting using your competitor technologies and which websites are dropping them. Get alerted when existing customers are testing your competitor technology or removing yours. Find websites by the technologies they’re using and get web technologies’ market share insights.

$0-$490 (Free-Enterprise Custom Quote)


27- Wappalyzer

Browser extension that exposes what tech a web app uses – poor man’s Datanyze or BuiltWith. Also can buy lists based on that criteria. Cross-platform utility that uncovers the technologies used on websites.

$74-$834 (Tiered Custom Quote)


28- Datanyze

Find websites by the technologies they’re using and get web technologies’ market share insights. A whole new way to find and reach your perfect prospect. A robust sales intelligence and lead generation application for web technology companies. The app’s discovery tool continuously evaluates millions of websites to find out which technologies are being used. Datanyze’s customers can create custom alerts and get notifications whenever a website starts or stops using a specific web technology. Salesforce integration. All-In-One Sales Intelligent Platform.

$600-$1200 (Standard-Enterprise Custom Quote)



Sales research done on-demand. Hand off tasks like: targeted lead list building, CRM data cleansing, market analysis, email template creation, etc. Here’s how it works: (1) You email us what you need (2) We reply to clarify the request and set the price (3) Our team of 24/7 sales analysts/researchers start working (4) Within hours or days, you receive a completely polished deliverable. Best of all, there are no contracts, no commitments and no friction. Use Steward whenever you need Steward.

$10 (Quote per job)


30- HeatMapCo

HeatMapCo eye-tracking prediction technology helps users make their websites more profitable and user-friendly. The service allows to analyse web pages, mock-ups or images to clearly understand how people perceive it.



31- 1000Leads

Get 1000 Qualified Leads for your Startup. Fully validated leads will be delivered to help you reach your target users. No mass emailing. Only leads from your industry fully validated.



32- LeadBoxer

LeadBoxer makes it so that companies can use big data to collect leads, not just forms and buttons.

$29/month (14 day free trial)


33- LeadFuze

LeadFuze allows you to build a list of hundreds of targeted prospects and the software finds the emails and social profiles for them. There is also a done-for-you service component to the business as well.

First 20 free, then $69/mo


34- LPgenerator Marketing Cloud

LPgenerator Marketing Cloud Department\n\nis the easiest way to test your ideas or business on the Russian-speaking market\nwithout wasting time or hiring people from other countries



35- Qualifio

About Qualifio: Qualifio is the benchmark tool in Europe for the facilitation, qualification and monetisation of digital communities via contests, quizzes, surveys, tests, animated games, etc. Qualifio enables a brand’s various teams (Marketing, Social Media, CRM, Events, etc.) to meet their different marketing, CRM and sales goals on their websites, mobile apps, blogs and Facebook pages. Specifically designed for key accounts with multiple sites, brands and users, Qualifio helps boost their online presence via innovative, viral and effective interactive campaigns. Along with access to the platform, Qualifio also offers a highly responsive helpdesk, an academy and the platform’s connection with other corporate tools such as CRM, CMS, E-mailing, Single Sign On, Analytics and DMP.

Request for a quote $

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