Top 36 Content Marketing Tools


A guide to hacking your content marketing workflow.

When it comes to marketing, there is no shortage of awesome tools.

To make content marketing work, writers need to be shipping great content on a regular basis. Having the right tools is key to maximizing productivity.

The best writers find ways to keep the focus on writing while also finding ways to highlight and reference work from other content creators to help build relationships and amplify distribution (making the content you create work harder for you).

You won’t need every tool here. Just choose the ones that will help your company achieve its biggest goals.


1- Sniply

Share Content. Drive Traffic. Attach a call-to-action to every link you share

$0 — $149/mo

2- iWriter

Content creation has never been easier. Get unique content written for you at affordable prices. Best content creation software available.
$1.25 – $24 per article (150-4000 words).

3- CliClap

“Sharing content will never look the same. Unleash the power of content sharing “

$0 (Beta)

4- Content Seeding


Find influencers with content

5- HubSpot

HubSpot allows users to integrate marketing tools to build a marketing and sales platform. Offerings include analytics, CRM, blogging, social media, landing page creation, and call-to-action testing.

$200-$2400 (Basic-Enterprise)


Content creation service – Create content that ranks in search engines.

$2 (per 200 words)

7- BuzzSumo

Analyze what content performs best for any topic or competitor. Find the key influencers to promote your content.

$99/mo (Free trial)

8- Start a FIRE

Get the full value from curated content you share on social media. Automatically add your presence and promote your content with every external link you share

$0 (Beta)

9- Contentools

Contentools is a content marketing platform to streamline production, coordinate your team and increase efficiency.

$249/mo – $949/mo (Free trial)

10- Grammarly

Better writing made easy. Grammarly makes you a better writer _x0003_by finding and correcting up to 10× more mistakes than your word processor.

$0 – $29.95/mo (Freemium)

11- Content Marketer

The most effective way to promote content. Connect with influencers, increase shares, and boost traffic. The number one tool that smart marketers use to promote content, increase traffic, and build relationships.

$0-$49 (Marketer-Agency)

12- Hemmingway

Hemingway App makes your writing bold and clear. It highlights long, complex sentences and common errors; if you see a yellow highlight, shorten the sentence or split it. If you see a red highlight, your sentence is so dense and complicated that your readers will get lost trying to follow its meandering, splitting logic.

$0 (Beta)

13- Feedly

A personal space to organize your blogs and publications and connect to the news, knowledge and ideas that matter to you.

$0 – $12/mo (Freemium)

14- Seeding Up

Content seeding and marketing services from a GUI.

Paid tool (Query for detailed pricing)

15- Backstitch

Automatically search and discover relevant and shareable content


16- Swayy

Better content to share on Social Media

$0 (Free)

17- Ruzzit

find the most shared content on the web!


18- Roojoom

Turn content into revenue.

$45/mo – $499/mo (Free trial)

19- Post Planner

Discover amazing content. Schedule it. Watch engagement soar!

$7/mo (No trial)

20- Visme

Create Content, presentations, infographics, and much more.


21- Portent

Contents Idea Generator

$0 (Free)

22- ArticleBunny

Get fast, professional articles at an affordable price

from $49

23- Uberflip

Uberflip helps marketers create, manage and optimize content experiences at every stage of the buyer journey—no IT required.

$500+ / Mo

24- BundlePost

Get results in your social. Stop managing your posts. Spend more time engaging.

$19.90/mo – $99.90/mo (Free trial)

25- Spike

Know the content engaging the world right now Spike tracks social network activity around millions of stories daily, giving newsrooms, marketers, and PR professionals a real-time view of what’s engaging a billion people now.


26- Notey

Find the best stories on over 500,000 Topics.


27- Miin

Let Customers Find You with Inbound Marketing Platform


28- Affimity

Affimity is a social network reimagined as a collection of passion-specific channels. Each channel is your social home (people & content) for that passion.


29- Upwork Pro – Content Marketing

Easily find freelance writers and designers to create engaging content for your startup

$149 / month + 10% fee on project spend

30- CopyScape

Search for copies of your page on the web. Defend your site with a free plagiarism warning banner!

$0 (Freemium)

31- Limber

A single platform to manage your content marketing campaigns and measure their performance : – Centralize all your valuable marketing content pieces in one place; – Organize content promotion in campaigns structured with messages and keywords; – Plan recurring content promotion on multiple channels with a few clicks; – Monitor content, shares and campaign performance with insightful statistics.

From $40 to $300 /month/user

32- QuickSprout Website Analyzer

Do you want more traffic? Get more traffic with recommendations for your blog.

$0 (Free)

33- Qualifio

About Qualifio: Qualifio is the benchmark tool in Europe for the facilitation, qualification and monetisation of digital communities via contests, quizzes, surveys, tests, animated games, etc. Qualifio enables a brand’s various teams (Marketing, Social Media, CRM, Events, etc.) to meet their different marketing, CRM and sales goals on their websites, mobile apps, blogs and Facebook pages. Specifically designed for key accounts with multiple sites, brands and users, Qualifio helps boost their online presence via innovative, viral and effective interactive campaigns. Along with access to the platform, Qualifio also offers a highly responsive helpdesk, an academy and the platform’s connection with other corporate tools such as CRM, CMS, E-mailing, Single Sign On, Analytics and DMP.

Request for a quote

34- Bracketeers – Interactive Voting Brackets

Captivate your audience through highly engaging interactive voting campaigns.

Varies by plan

35- Jurnid

On demand content writing by topic, language, brand voice, cultural-context and more.

Pay as you go

36- Duel

An award winning platform for crowd-sourced ranking content, powered by a unique ranking algorithm. Duel let’s brands, businesses and anyone with an audience achieve more growth, drive engagement and get access to use

r generated content through automated photo contests and polls.

$0/mo – $299/mo (Pro)

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